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Response: Lessig’s “CODE” Chapter 1

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CODE by Lawrence LessigAfter a quick skim through the first few chapters of Lessig’s “CODE,” I can honestly say that Chapter One is the least engaging to me personally. Lessig attempts (and probably very successfully) to describe the evolution of the heady, early “anarchist” days of cyberspace to the rather controversial current state of affairs, where regulation is being considered/implemented. I empathize with Lessig, who clearly states his trepidation or at least, his lack of faith that the current governing bodies will be able to respond to the challenges that regulation presents.

I feel comfortable ‘in cyberspace’ for the most part. There are some dark corners where I suddenly realize I am out of my element, but this has always been so. There has always been something new to learn. However, reading this chapter gave me that familiar, somewhat unsettling feeling that I get when I read the news: something is happening that is taking us in the wrong direction, but what can I do? I am just me, I am no scholar with great ideas for global change. All I can do is hope; I suppose that is something of an ostrich move, but there you have it.


Response: iOS Development Quick Start

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I was a little late on getting to this reading, however, I was able to complete the tutorial it contained without any problems. The code seems fairly straightforward, even though I cut and pasted most of it. Of course, I had to hack it a bit so instead of saying, “Hello, World!” it said:

…because that’s how I roll.

The color coding in the Xcode program (not sure… is that the same thing as “SDK” or…?) is very helpful and I could see right away where I would change the “Hello, World!” phrasing.

Others started changing to colors of the text, so I Googled “uicolor” and found a list of these values¬†and changed it to Cyan. I wonder if you can use hex codes?

I trust the coding will get a little easier.